Carrie Bobo currently works in New York City for Selldorf Architects. She lives and paints in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
2009 Master of Fine Arts, New York Academy of Art
2003 Bachelor of Architecture Art Minor, Oklahoma State University, National Merit
2012 GO! Brooklyn Art, Bushwick, Brooklyn
2011 Bushwick Open Studios, Bushwick, Brooklyn
2010 Schaefer Landing, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2010 FXFowle Gallery, Union Square, NY
2009 "Take Home a Nude", Sotheby's, New York, NY
2009 "A Figurative Reconstruction" NYAA, Tribeca, NY
2008 "Summer Exhibition" NYAA, Tribeca, NY
Curated by Will Cotton, Matthew Flowers, Nicola Hicks, David Salle
2008 New York Academy of Art Institutional Scholarship
2003 Malama Learning Center, Design Competition
2003 Eason Leonard Traveling Europe Fellowship
Artist Statement
Figurative expression made a space in the world of art for perceived image overlain with the visible action of the artist's brush. These paintings fit in that space. They are about paint, the psychology of color, an intimate relationship with surface, thin layers of paint that sit atop a cool ground that is neither water nor sky. These paintings are an expression of enlightened joy, a joy in settling, in quietude, a quietude of clarity.

Art speaks in metaphors. Mine are written in the language I know best, the language of doors and windows, bricks and mortar. These paintings are an exploration of facade, both built and constructed, and the degrees of access allowed to shelter or soul.